A specially developed cylinder for micro molecular dispersion started a small revolution ten years ago. The institute, founded by Roberto Hroval, developed first machines known as “mood generators” (Scent generator) for personal and commercial use, Sport Power Generators for athlete’s professional use and VER-200 machine for professional medical researches.

What it was found after years of testing on patients with Huntington, Parkinson and Alzheimer disseise, children with intense hyperactivity and Down syndrome, usual people and patients with stress or sleeping disorders, is that health stage of many of them can be drastically improved with basically “easy” approach. And what is the most important, all of that - drugs free!

The Antistress Capsule is actually first mobile revitalisation room around the globe, with aim to “serve” working people with everyday stressful factors, for free!
It’s basic task will be to drastically reduce stressful factors and restore the mood of the user by natural way, with a special sound, light and scent, without any side effects.
The goal of this project, starting in EU is to offer free access to a Antistress Capsule globally with aim to develop higher standards for our society.

Roberto Hroval
Researcher, founder and developer of “Mood generator” machines and Antistress Capsule

"Our common health will be empowered, and everyday stress will be gone – when we will allow ourselves to relax and reconnect with the nature the right way. I sincerely hope that the Capsule will help create a new form of well-being; especially in big cities, where we have lost connection to the essence of nature. Actually, Antistress Capsule brings nature and its healing gifts to you, wherever you are."